Designlab is a team founded in 2005 by a group of designers and representatives of other specialized fields. We believe designing means solving problems, so we focus on innovation. We seek inspiration in people, their needs, habits and options. We have created designs in scales across the board—from large public spaces to furniture to objects you can hide in the palm of your hand. Our designs have won competitions and received awards; they have been presented in prestigious magazines and at international fairs such as DMY in Berlin. We have carried out numerous design projects for international enterprises (Deutsche Bank, Boston Consulting Group), Polish companies (Vox, Forte), and private customers, but we believe that our most important challenges still lie ahead of us.
In designing, we create places and build relations between people and space. A well-designed interior has its own identity, and it contributes to peoples way of life. We have designed stores, offices, restaurants and apartments, all of them friendly to customers, employees and residents. Their quality results from their layout, carefully selected materials and meticulous detailing. Each design is based on an analysis, and thus, it is our knowledge and experience that leads us to the best solution. Designlab’s implemented designs include the premises of several dozen bank agencies for a national chain, large-scale public spaces, and intimate restaurants and apartments.
Designing objects creates opportunities. We are interested in the potential of things, or the interaction between an object and its user. We believe a designer is an inventor, so we are forever on the lookout for new solutions; we like to experiment with forms and materials. We study the way an object is to be used, and the reasons for its purchase. The creation of every product involves the collaboration of many specialists: designers, technologists, and marketing and sales experts. Some of the furniture we designed for renowned Polish companies is now mass-produced; we also have constructed prototype pieces and short product lines under our own brand.